Looking for Bark or Mulch?

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Looking for Bark or Mulch?

At Cooroy Landscape Supplies and Garden Centre, we stock premium bark, chips and mulches for use in gardens and landscaping. Barks and chips are ideal for decorating your garden and generally last longer than fine organic mulch. Barks and Chips do provide moisture retention and weed suppression qualities however, mulches are far more superior in this regard. Mulches release nutrients to the soil, help lock in moisture and provide excellent weed control because of their density. Ideally lay Bark and Mulch at 100mm thick for the best results.

Please note:  Because we are working with natural products, colours and sizes may sometimes vary.

Our range includes:

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1 or 2 inch pine bark

Made from shredded pine tree bark, red/tan colour, suited to garden beds and protected areas.

1 Inch Hoop Bark

Made from native hoop pine, stringy/curly texture, dark brown/red colour, suited to sloped terrain and exposed areas.

Hoop Fines

Finely ground hoop bark, strong dark colour, natural ‘forest floor’ look, ideal in rockeries and heavily planted areas.

Budget Mulch

Shredded and aged garden waste, basic all-round mulch, non-decorative.

Hardwood Chip

Made from hardwood timber, golden brown colour, for level areas and garden beds.

Cypress Chip

A beautiful, bright coloured chip with a fresh scent.  Provides a decorative finish and offers termite resistant qualities.

Made from the Cypress Pine

Cypress Mulch

One of our favourite mulches!  Made from Cypress timber, this mulch is bright golden brown in colour, has excellent weed suppression and water retention qualities and smells delightfully fresh and piney. Termite resistant.

Fine Forest Mulch

100% recycled, suited to larger gardens and veggie patches.

Rocky Point Mulches

Only need a little bit of mulch? We stock a variety of convenient pre-packed Rocky Point Mulches to choose from.