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Our Nutrient-Rich Soil Selection

At Cooroy Landscape Supplies and Garden Centre, we stock a range of soils and fertilisers to help with growing strong, healthy plants and superb lawns.  Whether you’re planting herbs on your apartment balcony or growing commercial-grade fruit and veggies, a combination of nutritious soil and sensible fertiliser use will have a big impact on your final harvest!  Give your lawn or new turf a boost or excellent start with one of our topsoils/underturfs.

Our available soils include:

Compost, Manure & Other Fertilisers

To give your plants, lawns, fruit and veggies the best opportunity to thrive. Fertilisers are an important ingredient! We’ll help you choose the most appropriate type for your needs. 

Check out our organic range, including:

Landscape Mix

A coarse, nutrient-enriched organic blend (60% soil/40% organics).  A great all round garden blend suitable for all plant varieties including natives.

Cooroy Super Soil Mix

Our very own blend of landscape mix, mushroom, compost, crusher dust, coarse sand and fine bark.  Outstanding for veggie gardens and flowering plants.

Premium topsoil

A nutrient rich, loamy (sandy) blend of soil, manures, coal ash and coarse sand.  Excellent for laying under turf or for topdressing.  Not suitable for gardens as it lacks organic matter.


A rich, light sandy/soil blend containing organic particles (80% soil/20% small organics).

Mushroom Compost

A blend of recycled organic ingredients including straw, manure, gypsum, peat moss and cottonseed hulls (pasteurised to kill harmful bacteria).

Mac50 Potting Mix

A light blend of nutrient rich soil and fine bark suitable for potting. Picture: In cloud

Manures and composts

Prepacked Cow Manure or Mushroom Compost are fully composted soil improvers with low-odour and excellent moisture retention qualities.  Add some organic microbiology to your soil!

Pellet Fertilisers

We stock a selection of easy to apply Rocky Point and Searles pellet fertilisers to help feed and boost your gardens growth.

QLD Organic Fertilisers

Certified Organic and Australian made pellet fertilisers for lawns, plants and crops.  These products help to improve the microbiology of the soil and provide immediate and slow release nutrients.

potting mixes

Searles and Rocky Point Potting Mixes

Plant Specific Fertilisers

A selection of fertilisers appropriate for specific types of plants.