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Our Premix Concrete Blends

At Cooroy Landscape Supplies and Garden Centre, we supply all the ingredients you need for DIY and commercial concreting—except for reo. Pick up your ready-made concrete mix, crusher dust, sand and gravel from our depot—or organise delivery to site.

Our concrete and cement mixes include:

Crusher Dust & Sand

Crusher dust, Decomposed Granite and specialty Sands are all available at Cooroy Landscape Supplies.  We have everything to help you stabilise, level and prepare your surfaces.  Perhaps the kids need some clean sand for their sandpit or you want to topdress your lawn?  We have just what you need.

Our Dusts and Sands include:

Concrete Blend

10mm aggregate mixed with coarse and block sands.

General Purpose (GP) Cement

A cementitious binder used for concrete, mortar, render and grout.

Post Mix 20kg

Blend of cement, aggregate and sand, compressive strength 15MPa suitable for post hole application.

Rapid Set 20kg

Blend of cement, aggregate and sand, compressive strength 25MP – a fast-setting formula for quick jobs.

Crusher Dust

A very popular product for stabilising the ground to create a solid base. Can be used under slabs, to level grassed areas, under water tanks, in pipe bedding, under pavers or to create a path/driveway. Compact well for a lasting result.

Granite Dust

A cost effective substitute to crusher dust.  Very easy to work with and has an attractive colour/sparkle from the granite.  Has a softer consistency (not as coarse as crusher dust).  Suitable under slabs, pavers, tanks, wet areas, paths etc…

Decomposed Granite

An excellent product used to create hard wearing paths, designer spaces and driveways. Cement can be raked through for greater strength and durability. When mixed with cement into a concrete slurry, will form to create solid and attractive stairs, piers and landings. Compact well ideally with some moisture.

Coarse River Sand

AES Specified Coarse Sand has a coarse/larger grain.  Suitable for top dressing lawns, paving and levelling. Suitable in horse arenas and wet areas. Has excellent drainage properties for plumbing projects.

White Sand

A very clean sand, ideal for sand pits and children’s play areas (Playground Certified). Can be used to sweep over pavers to finish. Sometimes used to lighten the colour of cement.

Block Sand/Brickies Loam

Block sand is mainly used for block and brick work. “Fatty” refers to the high clay content in the sand which repels water (like fat) allowing the sand to become stickier and more workable when mixed with cement.

TS2000 Topdress Sand

A very clean and specific sand commonly used on sporting fields, school ovals to improve spongy performance, and overall safety, Suited for large grass areas that require improvements and longevity.

budget sand/fill sand

A coarse, gritty sand. Generally clean however could have small rocks present.