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At Cooroy Landscape Supplies and Garden Centre, we stock a wide range of gravel and road base for use in home landscaping and commercial projects. In particular, gravel is extremely versatile, with applications ranging from paths, driveways and plant beds to water features and drainage solutions. When you know its intended application, the question is what size do you need?

Please note – Because we are working with natural products, colours and sizes may sometimes vary.

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Our Road Base Selection

Road base combines stone with an effective binder that can be used for roads, driveways, paths and retaining walls.

Our range includes:


A 5-7mm drainage aggregate.  Ideal for drainage and plumbing applications.


Used for decorative purposes, drainage and for mixing with fine concrete.


Mainly used as drainage gravel, but also landscaping and concreting.

30–50mm drainage gravel

A larger drainage aggregate used for a variety of projects.


Ideal for drainage aggregate where there’s high water flow or for vehicle crossings in wet areas.


Used for gabion walls, large drainage pits and riverbeds.

Blue Road Base

CBR60+ Spec.  Has naturally coarse and fine aggregates from 20mm minus offering good compaction.  Cement type quality, minimal clay content.  Suited to flatter driveways, parking areas etc… Generally blue/grey in colour.

Top Coarse Road Base

Generally sized from 30mm minus to fines.  Has a higher clay content than some roadbases which helps it to bind very well.  Generally pinker in colour.  Very popular for resurfacing rural driveways, creating hardstand areas and for filling in pot holes.

Recycled Concrete

A completely recycled product made from crushing concrete to form a 20mm minus to fines aggregate.  All steel is removed via a magnetic process however some small plastics may still be present.  Sets well with good compaction.  A very popular choice for rural properties and driveways.

Recycled Bitumen

Also known as Bitumen Profilings, this product is excess material from Bitumen Processing Plants which has been reprocessed and crushed to its current form.  When spread, set and compacted correctly, it forms a well bound, neat and long lasting base.  Ask us for tips on how to best lay this product.